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Еврейско девойче с много мек и приятен глас. Истинското й име е Achinoam Nini, но е известна като Noa.

Пуснете си Now Forget, а след това концертното й изпълнение на прелюбимата ми Eye in the Sky на Alan Parsons Project.

И накрая поздрав с U.N.I. 

How does my north connect to my south
How does my heart connect to my mouth
How does my skin connect to my soul?
Is the sum of my parts
Anything whole?

What do my eyes reveal of my dreams
How can I laugh when inside I scream
How does my song connect to my name?
Can they be ever
One and the same?

And I want you
And I need you
And I, and I need you
And I want you
And I need you
And I, and I, and I

And I want to set my insides loose
Come to terms and sign a truce
If I can’t find the mystery code
How will I ever
Carry this load?

And I know you’re getting tired of the fight
To connect my left side with your right
To connect two arms and legs
And all four chambers of the heart
And understand forever who we are

How can we live with anguish and fear
How can we shelter all that is dear
How can we take our fate in our hand
I’m talking to you
You’ll understand

That I want you, and I need you
And I, and I need you

Universe begins with U.N.I.
Universe begins with U.N.I.
Begins with U.N.I.
You and I

  1. lilluu

    Otdavna ne biah popadala na takova vulshebstvo.Bezkraino blagodaria za magiata!!!<br />P.S.Svoeobrazen podaryk za RD mi(07.01), nisto che go namiram po-kusno.